The charm of Christmas

The charm of Christmas

Danke Dir
Jesus sprach zu mir ich soll dies hier reblogen
also hab ichs getan
freudig Joachim


What is Christmas all about?
It’s one of the most important holidays of Christianity and celebrated all over the world, in many different ways.

One of my best Christmas memories was two years ago. I stayed with my American family when Christmas time started. We were cutting a tree together, our feet deep in snow. We decorated the tree, always taking care that the dogs would not eat the ornaments. We listened to Christmas music, we baked some pie.

Every year it is the same, nevertheless every year the people become excited about it.
Christmas pasteries everywhere, Christmas music in the shopping mall, and Christmas decoration behind the shop windows. That’s what makes the charm. You just can’t escape.

What is behind all this? It’s love. And that makes it special. It’s not only people who love to decorate things, it’s people who start thinking about what is important to…

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